fhrs_5_en-gbWe strongly believe that a good diet is essential for happy, well developed, healthy children.  We offer well planned meals that use fresh fruit, vegetable, meat and fish.  Our menus are varied and all food is prepared daily in our kitchen by our chef. We can cater for most dietary needs.

Breakfast is available up to 8.30 am.  Children have access to drinking water at all times and milk is available at snack times.  Lunch time is an important time for the development of social skills and to encourage this social time our staff will sit and eat with the children at their tables. We are a nut free nursery.

Please find below the weekly rotated menu’s.


WC 3rd May, WC 31st May, WC 28th June, WC 26th July, WC 23rd August, WC 20th September, WC 18th October, WC 15th November, WC 13th December.

Week 2

WC 10th May, WC 7th June, WC 5th July, WC 2nd August, WC 30th August, WC 27th September, WC 25th October, WC 22nd November, WC 20th December.

Week 3

WC 17th May, WC 14th June, WC 12th July, WC 9th August, WC 6th September, WC 4th October, WC 1st November, WC 29th November, WC 27th December.

Week 4

WC 24th May, WC 21st June, WC 19th July, WC 16th August, WC 13th September, WC 11th October, WC 8th November, WC 6th December, WC 3rd January 2022