Settling-In and Transition

We offer up to three settling in visits prior to joining the nursery.  These vary in time and length depending on the child.  We recognise that this can be a distressing time for both child and parents and we work in partnership to minimise this.  Parents are welcome to phone to check on their child at any time.  On initial registration we ask for an “all about me” sheet which will include other members of the family, favourite toys, things they like and things they don’t like.  We also ask older children to prepare a shoe box which they can decorate and into which they can place favourite toys, books or photos.   This information will help the key person to build up a picture of your child as a whole and to get to know them as quickly as possible.  All information is kept confidential.

As your child progresses through the nursery, a full integration and transition process takes place in partnership with parents.  Transition is planned together and the social and emotional needs of the child are our priority.  A transition pack gives an outline of the room’s routines, typical activities, staff names and any other relevant information.

Should any further support be required, the nursery will work with Hampshire County Councils Early Years inclusion team to support any child who has a disability or additional need.

Transition to primary school is well supported and encouraged as a natural, positive progression.  We always welcome visits from reception class teachers and work towards visiting schools ourselves.