Fees and Funding

30 hours funding page

Fee Structure – valid from September 2018



Full Day Care 8.00-6.00                                                                             £48.50 

Short day till 8.00-4.00                                                                               £46.00

Full Day and Late Bird   8.00-7.00                                                           £56.60

Early Bird and Full Day Care 7.00-6.00                                                  £52.00

Early Bird and Late Bird 7.00-7.00                                                           £60.00



Morning Session

8am – 1pm

Nursery (3 months to 4 years)                                                                     £31.00


Afternoon Session

1pm – 6pm

Nursery (3 months to 4 years)                                                                    £25.00


7am – 8am Early Bird                                                                                    £3.50

6pm – 7pm Late Bird                                                                                     £8



We offer 30 hours funding, for 3 Year olds, which can either be taken 30 Hours Standard or 22 Hours Stretched.  Please see the link at the top of this page.



Prices are inclusive of all meals, refreshments and activities. Should you require attendance based  ONLY on 2, 3 or 4 year old Early Years Education funded 15 or 30 hours per week, or the stretched offer of 11 or 22 funded hours per week, there will be a charge of £3 for lunch if you attend between 12noon – 1pm, and £2.50 for tea if you attend between 4pm – 5pm.

Elder sibling discount of 5% is subject to our terms and conditions.  A minimum of two sessions per week is required.

Annual Holiday entitlement (January to December) is 50% of 2 weeks off your normal weekly attendance for children who attend 51 weeks a year per annum.

We accept Childcare Vouchers, Early Years and Two Year funding.  Please contact the manager for more details.