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Forest Schools Our new Forest School

Our new Forest School opened its barn doors in February 2019. The location is set at Coach House Day Nursery in South Gorley. The Pre-School aged children will be able to enjoy a variety of activities including wild cooking, whittling and den building. As well as feeding the animals. Indoor playtime is in a purpose built heated log cabin.

Forest School is in a great location for Ringwood, Bournemouth, Salisbury and Southampton.

If you would like more information regarding this fantastic experience, please contact the nursery on info@fordingbridgedaynursery.com



The children enjoy learning about the animals on the farm.

The children learn how to make a camp fire and the importance of keeping warm.

A great activity is to make kites and watch them fly.Water Safety is very important, we learn about what lives in the water, why the forest animals need water and how we should act when close to the water.