Week Commencing 17th December 2018

Lunch Menu
Monday- Vegetable Pasta Bake - Yoghurt and Fruit Puree
Tuesday- Chicken Casserole and Roast Potatoes - Jelly and Fruit Salad
Wednesday- Chilli and Rice with Hidden Veg - Banana and Custard
Thursday- Chicken and Vegetable Curry with Wedges - Fruit Crumble
Friday- Fish Pie - Apple Jacks
Tea Menu
Monday- Fish Fingers with Bread and Butter and Veg Sticks - Fruit Platter
Tuesday-Baked Beans with Bread and Butter - Yoghurt and Fruit Puree
Wednesday - Wraps with various fillings and Veg Sticks - Flap Jacks
Thursday- Cold Pasta Salad - Sponge Cake with Fruit Puree
Friday- Homemade Pizza and Veg Sticks - Yoghurt
  Water is freely available and accessible throughout the day.  Milk and water is available at snack times.  Chopped vegetables sticks are a selection of; carrots, pepper, celery, cucumber, radish and tomatoes.  For food allergy advice, please see folder in nursery. Principle allergens in food within this menu are wheat and gluten, dairy, egg, celery or nuts.  Where possible, the nursery provides an alternative  when a child has a diagnosed food allergy.   fhrs_5_en-gb